A program for helping humans restore healthy balance, mental clarity and energy through intentional living

About 9 years ago I did my first 4 week restorative cleanse. The way it made me feel left a huge impact on me. I don't think I had ever felt more human, more in this life. Since then, I've been fascinated with the connection between the food we eat and how it effects our life overall.

I have spent time over the years since, learning about, experimenting with and analyzing how different food combinations or diets made me feel. One thing I knew for sure was that Standard American Diet (SAD), complete with alcohol, coffee, sugar and loads of starch always stole from me. It stole my energy, clarity, ambition, intuition and even my connection to nature and spiritual awareness. And beyond that, it felt as though these foods were instilling anxiety, worry, fear and even depression.

With this understanding, I searched out and experimented with powerful foods and food combinations that would provide me with supportive powers for all of my bodily systems. As all of our pieces and parts do their job better, the body, the mind, everything runs like butter (that means good).

So, because of the way these processes made me feel, I wanted to figure out a way to share this understanding I had, so I created "Nutritive Reset". Nutritive Reset is a sharing of the information that I have learned and have found life changing benefits from in my own self tuning. I am not a dietician or a doctor, I am a long term life hacker, working to find ways to make life better and better... and I keep finding it every time with this process -- usually within 12-14 days of work.

Nutritive Reset plans are easy to understand and implement

Here is a snapshot of what my reset plan looks like. It is created in a way to help you easily implement and stay on track. Each plan phase includes daily snapshot and details section.

1 Week, 2 Week or 4 Week Plans

I make it easy to achieve your goal by helping you find what you need.

Here is a HELPFUL list of hard to find resources (food/tools) that are used in the Nutritive Reset. These items are also great to have in your pantry year round.

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